Air & Space Museum Set Images, Rumors About a Certain Character’s Appearance in Transformers 2

{mosimage} A member of has posted images there of the production crew from Transformers 2 visiting the Udzar Hazy Center – National Air & Space Museum in Dulles, VA. It looks like this will be the location for the shooting of a scene from the astf sequel! Fans that have taken a peek at the leaked call sheet will probably know what scene this shoot will be for, but we won't mention it here for fans that didn't want to be spoiled. Click here to see the set images and a specially lit SR71 Blackbird display! Then you can discuss them here in Nevermore's thread (There are spoilers in the discussion).

Another bit of Transformers 2 news is more of a rumor. Following the revelation of the movie's subtitle there has been much fan speculation about the appearance of a certain Transformers comic book character. According to, they have gotten word from a "trustworthy source" that this character will be in the movie. Again, this is only rumor as of right now, so take from it what you will. You can read that article here.