Transformers 2 To Film In Albuquerque & U-Penn?

{mosimage} We've got two Transformers 2 filming location updates today, both courtesy of… well, completely unofficial second-hand sources. But they seem plausible, so let's dive in!

First, SlashFilm has a quote from one of their readers, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, who heard from "some friends in student government" that the astf sequel would be filming in one of the "nicer fraternities" on campus. He also says that director Michael Bay was spotted at the school recently, perhaps scouting the location. SlashFilm guesses U-Penn might be a less expensive stand-in for Princeton, where Sam Witwicky is rumored to be attending college. Read more at SlashFilm.

Further, TFW2005 boards member FREEFALL works at a radio station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and overheard a morning interview with an unnamed guest who claimed to be the stunt coordinator for Transformers 2, and said the sequel would be filming scenes in the Albuquerque area. IMDB lists the stunt coordinator for TF2 as longtime Bay collaborator Kenny Bates.

As always, without official confirmation, don't start booking plane tickets to try and see some action. Just sit back, relax, and discuss the sequel in our Movie Forum.