HenKei Exclusive Clear Convoy, Skywarp, and Thundercracker!!!!

{mosimage}HenKei! HenKei! Transformers will be graced with three exclusives this year.  Among them are a "Crystal" Convoy, cast almost completely in translucent plastic, Skywarp (previously a Target Exclusive), with a more G1 Cartoon inspired deco, and last but not least Thundercracker (previously a Botcon exclusive) with a more G1 Cartoon inspired deco as well.  And thus fans who missed out on the US versions of these two popular Seekers rejoiced.  Convoy is an International Tokyo Toy Fair/e-Hobby exclusive, and the two Seekers (Jetrons) are exclusive to ToyHobbyMarket/ganbo-store.

You can view the images at TakaraTomy's site and discuss the news in the thread here!