Hasbro Files Application For “The Fallen” Trademark

{mosimage} Transformers @ the Moon is reporting that Hasbro has submitted an application to retrademark the name "The Fallen". So how will this mysterious early Transformer get made? Will he fit into the main line, or will the Chibi-cuteness of Robot Heroes try to contain his evil? Only time will tell! Click here to see the trademark info.

*Update* Rumors have stared to swirl around this trademark, and now there's speculation that The Fallen will be a redeco of the Armada Overload mold for Universe! Will this be true? Will the Mini-Con figure be pre-Pretender Bludgeon? Will his Hellfires blaze for eternity? Does he like cupcakes for Breakfest? Discuss all of your guesses and speculations here in Octavius Prime's thread!