Fun Publications’ Take on HenKei! HenKei! Thundercracker

{mosimage} As Transformers fans know, earlier today we found out that Takara Tomy is making a Thundercracker figure for their HenKei! HenKei! Transformers line. So what does Fun Publications think about this announcement having been the ones to release Classics Thundercracker as a Botcon exclusive? Pete Sinclair stopped by the Allspark to shed some light on the answer to that question:

And from our standpoint, no worries again. We appreciate that the Henkei version will be different than the BotCon Classics version. The goal all along was to create a BotCon set that gave people the chance to finish a Seekers set (all at once) from a line that had been cancelled.

So there you have it, FP is fine with Takara making a Thundercracker since it is different enough from their own. Click here to read Pete Sinclair's entire post, as well as fan reaction to the HenKei Thundercracker announcement. 


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