Universe on Display at Botcon

{mosimage} It's Friday and the dealer room is open, that means we're starting to get pictures of Hasbro's booth! TFW2005 has posted images of several upcoming Universe repaints, including a Legends "Leadership" 5-pack that repaints the Cyberton Legends into five of the combiner team leaders! Hotspot is repainted from Prime, Razorclaw from Leobreaker, Hun-Grrr from Scourge, Silverbolt from Thundercracker and Scattorshot from Alpha Trion! Also pictured is a maroon Legends Starscream, a Blades repaint of Cybertron Voyager EVAC, a tan and brown repaint of Cybertron Defense Scattorshot called Dropshot, and a camouflage green Classics Seeker repaint called Acid Storm!

You can see all of these images here on TFW2005! Then discuss them in this thread on the Allspark!