Updates with Walmart Deluxes, Kmart Minicon 12-pk

{mosimage} Hasbro has updated its Transformers page with images and information on a few of the upcoming store exclusive figures that we learned about at Botcon. Fleshing out the tail end of the astf toyline will be three more Walmart Deluxes, Fracture, Breakway and Crankcase!
Check out the official images, bios, and the story behind each toy here.

Also, the Universe section has been updated with the names for the KMart 12 pack of Minicons. The team names are: Safeguard Team, Overcast Team, Landslide Team and Ransack Team. The individual names are: Backstop, Blight, Bodyblock, Boltflash, Brimstone, Cloudraker, Flatfoot, Heavytred, Knockdown, Makeshift, Skyhammer (who is said to be based on a Cobra Rattler!), and Suppressor. Flatfoot and Heavytred are two members of the Safeguard Team, and Cloudraker, Boltflash and Skyhammer are the Overcast Team. The other Minicon's teams aren't identified though.
You can see the Minicon pictures and information here!