Transformers HenKei! HenKei! Thrust?

{mosimage}Get your salt shakers ready as Hobby Link Japan has added a listing for HenKei! HenKei! Transformers D-04 Thrust.  This figure was originally solicited as D-04 Ramjet.  So is the figure going to actually be Ramjet or is his conehead buddy in red Thrust seeing a release outside of the Botcon 2007 Games of Deception set?  Is this listing just some confusion on HLJ's part?  Only time will tell as the release date becomes closer.

You can view the listing at HLJ (along with the third & fourth wave of Japanese Classics).  Thanks to Seibertron for the news which you can discuss on our boards.

*UPDATE* Thanks to Nevermore for pointing out that both AmiAmi and Red Mercury (Japanese retailers) refer to the figure as Thrust and not Ramjet.  The plot thickens…

*UPDATE 2* Apparently HLJ has changed their listing to Ramjet stating that the original list was a mistake.  Thanks to Nevermore for pointing this out.  And now the story goes down hill…