Transformers: Autobots DS Game Lightning Deal At Amazon!

{mosimage} If you're a Transformers fan who owns a Nintendo DS game system, but not the Transformers: Autobots game that came out last year as a astf tie-in, there's a great deal available right now–but you'd better move fast!'s "Gold Box" contains the game as a "Lightning Deal" right now, cutting the price in half from $19.99 to a measly ten bucks. The catch is, the deal is only good until 6PM PDT, which as of this posting is about two and a half hours away. After that time (or sooner, if all their copies of the game sell out), another DS game will swoop in to take its place as the current deal in the Gold Box. 

The normal product page still lists Transformers: Autobots at full price. To get in on the deal, visit and click on the "Today's Deals" link with the gold treasure chest icon at the top of the page. Time's a-wastin'!