Transformers 2: REALLY Giant Robots Are Coming? Also, Humans!

{mosimage} claims to have two pretty major scoops about next summer's sequel to astf. First, they say that the flick will feature an appearance by Devastator! No, not the same Devastator who was in the first one, the other Devastator! You know, the one that's the combined form of all the Constructions, like Bonecrusher! No, not the same Bonecrusher who was… never mind. Anyway, so they may have to get creative with the names, but word is, the big guy might be pulling himself together to cause some serious damage in 2009.

Also, they've got a list of casting breakdowns for eleven human supporting characters, including Sam's college roommate, Sgt. Epps' wife, reporters, businessmen, government agents, and more. They say they're awaiting confirmation on both stories, so until then, treat all this as rumor… but read it anyway at IESB. Thanks to Master Fwiffo for pointing out the story in this thread!