Transformers 2: On The Road Again

{mosimage} Has Paramount/Dreamworks run out of budget for tarps? For the third time, Transformers vehicles have been photographed by prying paparazzi, scandalously exposed on a flatbed truck in the Los Angeles area. This time it's Ironhide and Ratchet, completing the trio of intact Autobots left over from astf. While Optimus Prime and Barricade were sighted in Culver City, these two were spotted in North Hollywood, closer to the Paramount and Dreamworks studio lots. The photos were added to a user's Flickr stream back on 3/25, and picked up by SuperheroHype and then TFW2005. Discussion continues here.

Since no one's tailed all these flatbeds to their destinations, we don't yet know where they were headed. Perhaps it was to Sedona, Arizona, which reports on its Film Office website that producers have "inquired" about filming Transformers 2 in the area. If the city agreed, we hope Sedona's downtown businesses have plenty of insurance, because they're about to get blown up real hard by Michael Bay. Thanks to TFW2005 for the info.