Transformers 2: More PA Filming, First Draft Written

{mosimage} Today's Transformers 2 update brings us news on the screenplay and another filming location. First, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Michael Klein has "heard" that in addition to extensive filming in Philadelphia in June, the sequel will use nearby Bethlehem, PA as a double for a city in the "Far Fast." Thanks to SuperHeroFlix for finding the news. 

Additionally, and probably more importantly, Allspark member The DOCTOR Megs points us to a summary of a Q&A session held with screenwriter Roberto Orci at the "Gram Slam Sci-Fi Summit" convention last weekend. The discussion mainly centered around Orci and partner Alex Kurtzman's current "Star Trek" film project, but there were some tidbits about Transformers 2. Orci confirmed that the first draft of the script is complete, meaning he and Kurtzman have been released from "Michael Bay jail" at a Pacific coast hotel. Also, we can expect some kind of Star Trek reference in the sequel–perhaps something like Bumblebee's radio shout-out in the 2007 movie. Click here for the summary, or here to discuss.