New Transformers 2 Location: Philadelphia

{mosimage}Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love, the nation's first capital, home of the cheesesteak, birthplace of the American Revolution… and in 2009, place where that one big robot beats the poop out of that other big robot while that kid from Indiana Jones 4 kisses the pretty girl and stuff blows up. SuperHero Hype! reports that during an appearance on local Philly radio by Sharon Pinkenson, executive director of the Great Philadelphia Film Office, she listed Transformers 2 as one of the upcoming projects set to film in the Pennsylvania city.

So, locals, keep an eye out for extras casting calls starting in June… you may get a chance to spend a day being crushed under a big metal foot, or at least a chance to watch a whole bunch of people act afraid of a tennis ball at the end of a pole. Read the story on SuperHero Hype!, and continue discussion of this and all things TF2 in our Movie Forum.