New Paint On Encore Mini-Bots!

{mosimage} Now see, if we were lame, we'd post this as "Hasbro announces new Premium Series Reissues! First up: Mini-Bots! APRIL FOOL!!" Good thing we're not lame, because we could totally pull it off given how awesome the upcoming Encore Mini-Bots look. Japanese site has posted close-up photos of the figures in the set, which reveal that Bumblebee isn't the only one who's gotten an upgrade–Swerve, Tailgate, and Outback all have new paint applications to bring out the details in their robot faces. The images also show off Bumblebee's "new" face (identical to the previous Mini-Bots reissue box set version) and his new chrome highlights.

Check out all the images on Thanks to TFW2005 for finding the post!