New BotCon Exclusives Hit Auction Sites

{mosimage} It just keeps happening–a few recent auctions have given us illicit advanced peeks at exclusives for this month's BotCon convention. First, a redeco of Classics Rodimus popped up on TaoBao and eBay. The toy features new, more eeeeevil flames, and a primarily purple, grey and black color scheme, matching the "Shattered Glass" comic. Though, since no one's posted a robot mode photo yet, we can't yet confirm the presence of a goatee.

Then, an oldie made a reappearance: Armada Wheeljack, redecorated as an homage to G2 Drench! This repaint concept was originally intended for a "Battle In A Box" set back in the day, but never saw release. If this TaoBao auction is legit (and to be fair, it does kinda look like a digibash) this slightly modified version of Wheeljack/Drench, bearing a purple "Shattered Glass" Autobot symbol, may be an at-show exclusive. Perhaps Evil Autobot Sideswipe?

Thanks to TFW2005 for finding the auctions. Discuss Rodimus and WheelDrench in our Convention Forum.  


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