More Photos of BotCon Rodimus & Drench/Sideswipe

{mosimage} While they still haven't been officially unveiled at, photos of two upcoming BotCon 2008 "Shattered Glass" exclusives keep popping up all over. Today brings more images of the Deluxe-class Rodimus and Sideswipe (or possibly Drench, or maybe even Wheeljack).

Rodimus gets a full gallery over at the Chinese message board, and Drenchswipe is up in another eBay auction, sadly still only in car mode… but at least featuring a shot of the undercarriage, confirming the lighter color of many of the robot parts. The same seller also has bagged versions of many of the other exclusives. Thanks to TFW2005 for finding Rodimus, and Bass X10 for Drenchswipe.