IDW: Starscream Reigns Next Week, Preview of Animated #1

{mosimage} Those crazy kids over at IDW have shared some news about upcoming Transformers comic books via their blogs. First, Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall posts that the astf sequel series "Reign of Starscream," originally due in shops this week, has experienced a shipping delay and will arrive next Wednesday instead. Second, editor Denton J. Tipton copy/pastes in the first page of the script for the upcoming Animated comic, which will be a series of all-new stories set in the Animated universe.

This news was brought to our attention by Allspark member lonegamer8, who herself was named by Tipton as the winner of the full, autographed script to that first Animated issue, thanks to her correct identification of cover artist Marcelo Matere. Discuss this news and offer your congratulations in lonegamer8's thread!