EXCLUSIVE! Lost Marvel Comic Found!

{mosimage} We're not sure where it came from, but it was published at some time in the 1980s, and apparently went through the proverbial wringer before reaching our hands.  And, our sources say, it's not a comic that was released in the US, the UK, Europe, or anywhere else– of THIS Earth.  We believe that it originates in our own "Shattered Mirror" universe, where Trans-Maniacs rooted for the noble Decepticons to win their struggle with the savage Autobots. 

Unfortunately, all we have of this alt-universe masterpiece is a few mockup copies of the cover, which we will be distributing to you, the Allspark readers loyal enough to have registered for our Break-Fest celebration tomorrow morning at the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati, Ohio.  While we have not received the final printed collateral, our sources have approved this grainy sneak preview for all of you.  And if you aren't lucky enough to have scored a spot at the Break-Fest celebration on Friday, chances are our sources can be convinced to let us show off this lost piece of Transformers history.

NOT a dream! NOT an imaginary story! (Except for the part where it is) We will be bringing you coverage from both Break-Fest as well as Botcon 2008 throughout the weekend!  You can discuss the news here on our forums.