Denton Tipton Shares Pitch For All Hail Megatron

{mosimage} To show that art is not the only thing important that goes into a comic book, IDW Publishing editor Denton Tipton has shared an excerpt from Shane McCarthy's pitch for All Hail Megatron. Essentially, to make the heroes more heroic, he wanted to show  just how nasty the villains were when the heroes were not around!

The measure of any hero is the obstacles he faces or the villains he must vanquish. If a hero's villains are weak or ineffectual, then the hero, by the most rudimentary of logic, mustn't be all that powerful or indeed heroic…If we're going to understand the validity of the Autobots as protectors, it's about time we say what would happen if the Decepticons were left unchecked!

Click here to see the full excerpt on Tipton's blog, or pick up Focus On Decepticons at comic book shops today for the entire pitch!