BotCon: Transformers Animated Panel Report

{mosimage}Tformers has added a live report of the Transformers Animated panel, which just ended over at BotCon 2008 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They've got a long list of the factoids divulged by panelists Matt Youngberg (Chief Director), Derrick Wyatt (Art Director) and Marty Isenberg (Head Writer). The biggest news is that things are looking good for a third season of the series, based on the show's strong ratings, and that such a season would include "BIG plans" for Soundwave, as well as the potential return of many other Animated–and G1–characters. In other news, Oil Slick is toy-only at the moment, Nanosec will return, Ultra Magnus' toy is awesome, Unicron will NOT be appearing, and more!

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