Botcon News: Animated Panel

{mosimage} Some news on future Animated characters/toys has just rolled in from the Botcon Animated panel:

  • Season 3 of animated is not yet greenlit, but hopefully will be soon.  New characters and toys for season 3 will include Blurr, Swindle, and Constructicons Mixmaster and Scrapper (voiced by Tom Kenny and Jeff Bennett).
  • Blurr's voice actor is confirmed to be John Moschita (his G1 voice actor).
  • Shockwave will be an H-tank.
  • Wreck-Gar will be Voyager class.
  • There will be a Skywarp redeco of Starscream.
  • There will be a Prowl redeco with a side car that turns into samurai armor for him.
  • Arcee will be released and have a vehicle mode like her G1 alt-mode.
  • Jetfire and Jetstorm will be two jet robots, one a fire robot, the other an ice robot, which will combine together.  They will be Voyager class.

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