BotCon: Hasbro Panel!

{mosimage} This is it, people… the Hasbro panel is kicking off right now at BotCon 2008! This is the panel where we get the juiciest news of the whole Convention, and unfortunately, not a single photo is allowed. Still, keep checking in with out BotCon Saturday discussion thread for text reports from Allspark staff member Galenraff (transcribed from his IM messages). Tformers also has a live text feed from the panel.

Envious discussion continues here! We'll be back with a recap after it ends! 

UPDATE: Here are some notes from the now completed panel (excuse the shorthand!)

Animated Toys:
  • Animated toys wave 1 due 6/22, same as the ones hitting Cincinnati now.
  • Animated will be a full TF line with retailers planning a fall reset.
  • Swoop has a mace on a chain.
  • Sentinel Prime is "awesome."
  • Elite guard Bumblebee repaint: mostly dark dark gray, a dark tan, and mustard yellow
  • Ultra Magnus: "awesome" (Galenraff does not have a thesaurus with him). Hammer does not light up.
  • All the other Animated toys are "already leaked."
Universe/Classics 2.0
  • UNIVERSE IRONHIDE will be a Deluxe size red SUV with Oregon plates.
  • Ultra Silverbolt, which we've seen already online, will have sounds in both modes, including a transforming sound.
  • Deluxe Sideswipe with a new head from the Sunstreaker mold (already known).
  • "Stormcloud" Powerglide redeco….black, purple, with some green.
  • Universe will have new mold Legends: tank Megatron, Jazz, Brawn, Beachcomber.
  • Universe Deluxe Hound WITH tape Ravage, who will fit in Soundwave. Ravage looks "amazing."
  • Deluxe Cyclonus with Nightstick, "Awesome!" (Galenraff still does not have a thesaurus.)
  • Universe Deluxe Cheetor, new mold!
  • Cheetor: switch changes eye color from green to red and mouth opens

And there's more!  Click below for Robot Heroes, some anticipation-worthy redecoes, a couple of guys whose names start with War Within, and the Q&A!



  • New Robot Heroes:
    • G1 Kickback v Ironhide
    • G1 Thrust v. Blaster
    • BW TM Megatron vs. Fuzor Silverbolt
    • BM Cheetor vs. Tankor
    • RID Prime vs. Megatron
    • More Robot Heroes will be shown tomorrow, but that's all the new products for the panel.
  • Looks like SDCC Prime will be the first version we saw, with blue windows and Decepticon logos.
  • Another SDCC exclusive: Titanium Skywarp, from the Thundercracker mold!
  • There will be more Wal-Mart exclusives labelled "Offscreen deluxes."
    • Breakaway – Cybertron Hot Shot in white red blue
    • Crankcase – dark (green maybe?) Cybertron Red Alert
  • Target will also get some exclusives: Universe "comic packs."
    • Dirge – Voyager Cybertron Starscream in blue
    • Roadbuster – Cybertron Defense Hot Shot
    • Springer – Evac in green
    • Ratbat – Cybertron Sideways in purple
  • Toys'R'Us will have Titanium War Within Prowl and Grimlock in September!
  • 25th Anniversary culminates with TF2… "save your money" for 2009.
  • Thanksgiving G1 prime reissue includes:
    • short stacks
    • Marvel issue 1 reprint
    • DVD remaster of More Than Meets The Eye
    • Logo soundbox w/ Peter Cullen voice quotes
  • Official statement on G1 knockoffs in a nutshell: they're illegal, not condoned, hasbro is pursuing legal action. They urge people not to buy even from dealers upstairs.


  • Masterpiece Thundercracker: no guarantees, but it's on the short list of things they want made as an exclusive.
  • Attacktix is dead.
  • No plans for more Titaniums, since they're out of new tooling.
  • Hasbro "strongly hinted" a G1-style Arcee is being worked on.
  • Not many off screen characters for animated. Oil Slick was a exception to the rule.
  • Any chance of a Sari toy? They want to find a way to bring human characters to market, but its not in the cards right now.
  • Someone asked about making new molds from old toys like the knock-offers do: no plans, they don't know what Takara may do, but it's difficult & expensive. So, no plans to "do it right."
  • No change in Alternator status. Still no plans to continue the line.
  • We'll see some larger Robot Heroes in the future.
  • The Aveo Swerve toy was done by GM and Hasbro as a promo deal rather than a license deal and was never created for sale.  Hasbro has no rights to produce it, and while they may pursue it in the future, Galenraff tells us the "tone of voice was not promising" so at least for now it doesn't sound like something they'll be doing.
  • The 25th Anniversary toys other than G1 Prime (Thanksgiving) will arrive at the end of this year and beginning of next.  The figures they showed will be wave 3 or 4 of Universe.
  • Some combiners may be worked into the 25th Anniversary plans.
  • Still no plans for reissuing the G1 Dinobots.
  • Also no plans for GI Joe crossover toys.
  • Hasbro and Takara generally respect each other's exclusives, so don't expect to see HenKei copies of the exclusive Thundercracker, Thrust and Dirge. They could do other Seekers, though.
  • They keep trying to think of fun ways to do a transforming Dispensor, but haven't come up with a fun enough alt-mode yet.
  • Some characters for movie 2 may be done in different sizes, decos etc. (specifically asked about Bonecrusher)
  • If someone is in Animated they won't be getting Universe treatment – it's for toys that don't fit elsewhere. (example: Jazz is in Animated so won't get in Universe)
  • No current plans for more Sunstorm in Universe but they do like the Seeker mold and want to find ways to use it.
  • They are looking for ways to bring big toys and bases into the line, but mainly as characters rather than bases.
  • Expanding into plastic model kits? It's been considered and they've had concepts, but no plans to do them right now.  Maybe someday.