Botcon Comic Preview Found On The Club’s Website!

{mosimage} It looks like TFW2005 member Munkeefist has stumbled across something interesting! The 3-Page Botcon comic preview that was meant to be debuted this Thursday is online now! It looks like the Club has gone retro this year and mimicked the G2 look and feel!

You can see the pages linked in Munkeefist's post here, or here in our gallery!

Update: In case you couldn't tell, this was an April Fool's joke…But don't worry, the real preview pages will still be posted this Thursday April 3rd! So don't forget to check the Club site/ later this week to see the actual preview pages with art by Don Figueroa!

Also fans of these three pages will be interested to hear that the Club may do something else with this cast later on down the road! Click here to read what the Club has to say about their little gag!