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Hi – Here is a quick update from about a
more exciting new preorders and many more new arrivals:


  We've just added over 40 new Indiana
Jones preorders to the site.   New items include:  12" Action Figures,
Deluxe 3.75" Figures, Basic 3.75" Figures – Wave 2,  Mr. Potatohead Idaho
Jones,  3.75" Vehicles,  Adventure Heroes waves 2 & 3, Indy's Sound FX
Whip, Mighty Muggs, and Titanium Vehicles.  We have images of some of the
new items posted now, and more images will be posted later today or
tomorrow.   Hasbro is doing a nice job of mixing in figures from the first
3 movies, as well as covering the upcoming 4th installment.

BANDAI MACROSS – REISSUE VALKYRIES:   Its been quite a while since Bandai
has released any Macross Valkyries, but the wait comes to an end with the
25th Anniversary releases of the VF-1S Roy and VF-1J Hikaru.  Each figure
is up for preorder at the competitive price of $89.99, these are retailing
at about 8000 yen in Japan.

STAR TREK PROP REPLICAS:   Two cool new Master Replicas prop replicas are
now up for preorder – the Assault Phaser and Science Tricorder are each
limited to only 2000 pieces, and they are priced roughly 10% below MSRP at
$409.99 and $319.99 respectively.  M.R. has done a nice job with these.

TRANSFORMERS BINALTECH:   Takara rolls out two more new figures – the BT-21
Arcee and BT-22 Convoy have each been listed at $59.99.  Arcee uses the
Honda S2000 mold with a hard top, and Convoy uses the Dodge Ram SRT-10
mold, but may feature a new color scheme.   The offer we received shows a
crazy bright green color, we are unsure what the final color will be.  The
BT-16 Skids figure is up for preorder at $74.99, and will be arriving in
the next week or two.  We have confirmed that this is authentic Takara
stock, and not a knockoff.

TRANSFORMERS BUSTS:  We've just listed the exclusive Prowl, Smokescreen,
and Bluestreak busts at $54.99, $69.99, and $69.99 repspectively.
Smokescreen & Bluestreak are limited to only 250 pieces each, so a great
addition to any collection.

DRAGONBALL – MEDICOM REAL ACTION HEROES:  We had previously listed the RAH
Goku figure, we are now able to bring you the mail-away / coupon exclusive
– Super Saiya Jin Goku at $174.99.  The regular version is priced at
$159.99.   Both have been extremely popular so be sure to get your
preorders in.

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN – GX-42 KOTETSUSHIN JEEG:  This one may be a mouthful to
pronounce, but it should be an easy choice to add to your Chogokin
collection.   It appears to come with several alternate arms, and we have
it priced very competitively at only $99.99 – take a look at the initial
images here:

IRON MAN 1/4 SCALE HELMS:  Sideshow will be producing very cool small
scale Mark I and Mark III versions of the Iron Man Helm.  These are great
substitutes if the 1:1 scale version won't fit on your desk, or into your
budget.  They are priced at only $37.99 and listed here:

HOT TOYS MILITARY – AIRMEN SECURITY:  Another cool figure based on gear
currently used in Iraq, the Security Force figure contains more
accessories than you'll know what to do with.  Preorders have been listed
at $109.99 and the figure arrives in June:

STAR WARS JEDICON – GERMAN EXCLUSIVE:  A pair of very cool Shadow Troopers
are now up for preorder at $27.99.  They come packaged in the tube /
canister style packaging, and were originally released at the Jedicon
convention in Germany.

MACHINE ROBO MUGENBINE:  Many customers enjoyed the Mugenpharoah combining
gestault figure, we now have a second combiner up for preorder – the Mugen
Gokenju also looks very cool and boxes of 10 blind-boxed figures are up
for preorder at $49.99

SAINT SEIYA – MYTH CLOTH:  Preorders have been opened for Mizar Syd, the
Zeta Star as well as the Siren Scale and Gold Libra figures.   Check out
the full selection of Myth Cloth items here:

SIDESHOW – PREMIUM FORMAT GALADRIEL:  With hope for The Hobbit being
produced in the future, and the very low production runs of other LotR
Premium Format pieces, this might be a tough one to find in the future, so
be sure to get your orders in now – Preorders listed at $259.99

NECA – BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT:  Neca has just announced a variety of
accessories and collectibles for The Dark Knight.  We've listed their full
lineup including:  Pennants, Wall Scrolls, Keychains, Clocks, Puzzles,
Headknockers & more – check it all out here:

THE SMURFS:  Jakks Pacific will be producing a variety of items in honor
of the 50th Anniversary of The Smurfs.  The first items we'll be carrying
are 12" plush versions of Paps Smurf, Smurfette, and regular Smurf.  Each
is priced at only $13.99 – quite a fair price for a decent sized plush.

TERMINATOR 2 – PLASMA RIFLE:  Hollywood Collectibles will be releasing a
1:2 scale replica of the devastating Plasma Rifle.  We have these listed
$30 below MSRP at $149.99 – take a look here:

MORE PREORDERS:  Take a look at even more new preorders listed here:


NECA – TMNT SERIES 1:  Neca Sold out of the first wave of carded TMNT
figures, we luckily have a slew of them on the way and they should be
arriving sometime next week.  We have a limited number of sets left at
$54.99 – grab yours now before they are gone:

HASBRO GI-JOE:  Look for some highly anticipated new preorder to go live
in the next few days!  Hasbro is doing awesome work with this line and
you'll definitely want to see what we list next…

IPOD CONVOY:  Takara's Ipod Convoy Docking bay system will be arriving in
the next few days.  This version features prime in his traditional colors
versus the all-white scheme of the initial release.  Preorders available
now at $149.99

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE DELUXE:  All the remaining assortments we have ordered
from Hasbro are in transit and should be arriving any day now.  Preorders
are available in limited quantities for the Premium Deluxe figures


Our Vintage Department recently purchased a truckload of inventory from a
store that went out of business a few years back.   We will be listing
many pallets worth of items – the link below shows a small portion of what
has just gone up on the site.  Most of these items were previously sold
out.  We'll be adding lists like this to the website for all the future
vintage department retail listings, usually hundreds of items a day – so
stay tuned for that!


SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-40 GOD MARS:  One of the more highly anticipated
Chogokin releases in quite some time.  The large and complex God Mars
figure is now in stock in limited quantities at $264.99.

E-HOBBY TRANSFORMERS TAPESTRY:  This cool 30" x 24" wall scroll features a
tiled mosiac of 445 different transformers characters.  As with all
E-Hobby items, this is a limited edition – in stock now at $64.99

STAR WARS TITANIUM WAVE 3:  This new set of Titanium figures includes one
each of:  -16 Skyhopper, Naboo Royal Cruiser, Jedi Starfighter (Ep III),
AT-ST, Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter & Baron Fel's TIE Interceptor.  Sets
are available for $35.99, Cases at $69.99, and a variety of singles are
also in stock.

HARRY POTTER – ORDER OF THE PHOENIX – WAVE 3:  Harry, Lucius Malfoy, and
Bellatrix are included in the latest wave of figures from Neca.  We have
sets of 3 in stock now at $41.99 – take a look here:

MARVEL WACKY WOBBLERS:  The first four releases in Funko's new Marvel line
of wobblers has just arrived.  Captain America, Thor, Vision, and Iron Man
are each in stock now at $9.99.  Eight others are available for preorder
as well:

SIDESHOW X-MEN VS SENTINEL #3 STATUE:  Limited to only 1000 pieces, and
sold out from Sideshow, this cool statue features Wolverine, Shadowcat,
and Lockheed.  In Stock now at $259.99 – take a look here:

MCFARLANE SPORTS PICKS – NBA SERIES 14:  Garnett, Boozer, Morrison, Nash
and Prince are all each in stock at $10.99.  The Nash variant is available
at $19.99 as well.

RESIDENT EVIL – HOT TOYS:  The first releases of the Hot Toys Resident
Evil lineup have just arrived.  Krauser and Krauser Transformed are each
available for $134.99 – stay tuned for the rest of the series.

STIKFAS:  All of the preassembled Stikfas have now arrived – take a look
at the 15 different kits listed here – they are all $7.99 each:

REVOLTECH – EVANGELION FRAULEIN ASUKA:  The most popular Fraulein figure
so far has just arrived, only $19.99 for Asuka, dressed head to toe in her
red suit.

JUSTICE LEAGUE SERIES 2:  The new set featuring Hawkgirl, Batman, Amazo,
and Mr. Impossible is now in stock at $49.99.  DC Direct continues to do
nice work.

SPEED RACER:  Mattel has recently delivered a variety of Speed Racer items
to us.  The newest items include Speed Racer Barbie sets, and the Mattle
Morph Mach 6 vehicle – which is fairly good sized for the price.  Check
out the full selection here:

MANY MORE NEW ARRIVALS:  As always, there is a ton of stuff that has
arrived, but is not mentioned on the list above.  Take a quick peek at the
most recent items here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew