BigBadToyStore 15% Off Sale

sent out a brief newsletter today to let their customers know about a big new 15% off inventory clearance sale, running from now through noon on Wednesday. This sale includes a bunch of stuff that's never been discounted before, so go spend that tax return!

Even given the short update, Joel still found space for some Transformers content: TRU-exlusive Ultra Jetstorm & Wingblade are now in stock. Click "Read More" for the full email! 

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a new sale we are running.  There are also a few new arrivals and new preorders to mention.

15% OFF INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE:   Save 15% on everything in the store that is not marked as 'New' or 'Preorder / Backorder'.   We've just removed the 'New' designation on over 1000+ products today, so there are a ton of items on sale that have never been offered at less than full price in the past.   This sale will end on Wednesday April 16th at 12:00 Noon Central Time.   Please take a look through your favorite menus for savings on thousands of in-stock items – including items from the vintage department.

Here are a few new arrivals and new preorders from the last day or two:

INDIANA JONES 3.75" FIGURES – WAVE 3:  A great new wave from Hasbro that includes characters from the early films.  The 6 figures included in this wave are:  Indiana Jones with sub-machine gun, Dr. Henry Jones (Sean Connery), Elsa (Alison Doody), Young Indy (River Phoenix), Grail Knight (Robert Eddison) and Vogel (Michael Byrne).  We have sets, cases, and some singles available here:

MEZCO'S CINEMA OF FEAR:  We don't have any images up yet, but Mezco had just announced the second series of COF plush and the third series of COF figures:

SPAWN SERIES 33:  The first portion of our shipment has arrived, the rest will be here in around a week – sets & singles are available here:

TRANSFORMERS ULTRA EXCLUSIVES:  Jetstorm & Wingblade have just arrived, these cool planes are available now at $44.99 each:

We'll keep it short since its the weekend, but look for more new preorders and new arrivals this coming week, and be sure to take advantage of the sale pricing on thousands of in-stock items.

Recent Preorders:

Recent Arrivals:

Vintage Department:


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