Sample Images of Japanese Classics Convoy & Hi-Res Astrotrain Images

{mosimage}With the release of HenKei Transformers (Japanese Classics) just 10 days away, website toysdaily has acquired a sample of the HenKei Convoy figure.  Several hi-res photos of the figure are included.  These photos give a close look of the differences made to this figure from it's well known Hasbro counterpart.  Among one point of interest is silver paint used on the grill and bumper of this sample instead of chrome on this figure.

In a related topic, hi-res pictures of HenKei Astrotrain have shown up at  Though these pictures were revealed earlier, these are of a much higher quality revealing more detail of the figure.

You can view mirrored images in our galleries.  Thanks to TFW2005 for the news here and here and you can discuss the images here.