Rumor – New UPC Numbers For Animated Toys!

{mosimage} is reporting a list of UPC numbers for Transformers Animated figures, and on the list are several new characters! Joining the likes of Lugnut, Lockdown, Ratchet and Prowl are Wreck-Gar, Blurr, Skywarp, Swindle and Waspinator! According to the list, Wreck-Gar and Skywarp will be Voyagers, and the rest of the new comers will be Deluxes.

You can see the list of UPC codes here at

Is Skywarp a repaint? Will Swindle live up to his name? And what about Wazzzpinator? Discuss the UPCs and your theories here on the Allspark. Thanks to TriBlurr and for the news!


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