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Hi – Here is a quick update from about hundreds of new arrivals and preorders!


BATMAN – THE DARK KNIGHT:  DC Direct has just released info on 8 awesome new collectibles for this springs upcoming blockbuster.   The lineup includes 13" Deluxe Collector versions of Batman and The Joker, as well as busts and statues of each.   Batarang and Grappling Launcher prop replicas will also be produced.  These are all fantastic looking items, check them out here:

MASTERPIECE ROBOTECH:  Toynami has just announced a new batch of Robotech valkyries.  We've listed 4 brand new items including:  Shadow Chronicles Movie:  Maia and Marcus, and New Generation Beta volumes 1 and 2.  These are all priced at $79.99 and available here:

VOLTRON:  Toynami will be releasing an all-plastic version of the Lion Force Voltron set priced at just $44.99!  This version stands 11" tall and is similar in form to the die-cast Masterpiece version, but is only 1/3 the price!    Also up for preorder is a new display base that features sound clips from the show.  It works with both the Masterpiece and the upcoming plastic version.  Voltron Bookends have also been listed at $129.99 – this cool set will work for your DVD collection as well as books.

STARSCREAM MASTERPIECE CORONATION ADD-ON PARTS:  This very cool add-on parts set includes the crown and cape as well as shoulder pieces and a display base.   The coronation set is up for preorder at $24.99, or if you buy the G1 Import version of Starscream as well as the Coronation parts, we have a package deal for $99.99.   A Skywarp variant set has also been listed at $24.99

STAR WARS TITANIUM WAVE 4:  Hasbro keeps this cool line rolling with six new entries including:  Death Star, Starfighter & Hyperspace Ring, Gungan Bongo Sub, Sebulba's Pod Racer, TIE Fighter, and a Battlestar Cylon Base Star.   Sets of 6 are listed at $35.99, and cases of 12 are $69.99

MACROSS REVOLTECH:  Kaiyodo displayed 5 new figures at a recent convention and we have them all listed for preorder at $22.99 each.  Figures include:  Max & Milia VF-1J, YF-19, YF-21, and Regult.  Check out all the new figures here:

NEW FUTURAMA:  Toynami has announced waves 4, 5, and 6 – these sets include:  Nudar & Fry as Captain Yesterday, Calculon & Leela as Clobberella, and Super King Bender & Lrrr of Omicron.  Collect all 3 sets and you can build the Robot Santa Build-A-Figure.  All sets are $23.99

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – 12" RETRO FIGURES:  Amok Time will be manufacturing a variety of new 12" figures, including:  Athena, Colonel Tigh, Commander Cain, Goldy Cylong Centurion Commander, Silver Cylon, Lieutenant Boomer, and Lucifer.   Each figure is priced at $49.99.  We also have some of the previously released 12" figures listed again at $34.99 each.

STARGATE ATLANTIS – SERIES 3:  The full set of 5 with previews exclusive and chase figure has been listed at $59.99.  This set features:  Colonel Samantha Carter, Dr. Jennifer Keller, Wraith Drone, Lt Colonel John Sheppard and Ronon Dex.

BLEACH – Toynami has just announced 3 sets of 9" vinyl statues that all look very nicely done.  The 4th series of figures featuring Kisuke and Toshiro have also been announced.  Check out all the new items here:

DILBERT – PVC SET:  The classic comic strip finally gets some figures. Dark Horse will be releasing a set of 6 Dilbert characters this fall.  We have the set listed at just $21.99 – check it out here:

LIVING DEAD DOLLS 16 – The latest series of LDD dolls features a Halloween theme, each figure with a removeable mask and pumpkin trick or treat bag. All of which should be much more disturbing than I can describe them above.  The set of 5 is priced at $94.99

TAKARA – KERBEROS PANZER COP:  The popular 12" GenX Core body has been applied to two new Kerberos figures.  Toribe Soichiroh and Todome Kohichi are each up for preorder at $179.99.  Both feature plenty of armor and accessories – take a look at the new figures here:

TRANSFORMING PHONE BRAVER:  Bandai will be releasing three very cool new fully transformable cell phone style figures.  Any fan of transforming items should check these out, they look to be quite entertaining.

HALO 3 – SERIES 2:  We've added single figure listings for all 9 of the figures found in series 2 at $11.99 each.  Sets of 9 and cases of 12 are also available for order.   Series 1 sold out quickly everywhere, so be sure to get your preorders in now for series 2.

STAR WARS – ATTAKUS SALE:  Attakus is offering special pricing on all their statues and metal figures.  We have passed these savings on to you and we have opened backorders on many of these items.  Check out the list of sale items here:

I, ROBOT:  Popbox Collectibles will be releasing more Sonny busts as well as two new busts – the NS-4 Brown and Green Android heads.

MANY MORE PREORDERS:  Other items recently listed include:  Soul of Chogoking Black Versions, Fraulein Revoltech #005, RAH Misa Amane, Jason Vorhees Mask Keychain, Gentle Giant former exclusives, tons of talking Lebowski, Goonies, Wizard of Oz, Get Smart, and Goodfellas keychains & pens from Playground maniacs, Heroes exclusive case, Disney VCD, Doctor Who Alarms, Gi Joe Wave 8 Revision 1 case, Jay & Silent Bob Statue Set, Galaxy Cyclone Braiger, Pretty Cat's Show Time and more.  The 75 most recent figures are listed here on the link below, sometimes this list is completely cleared out in just a few days as more items are added, so be sure to check it often.


METAL GEAR SOLID ACTION FIGURES:  This extremely popular set of figures should be here between friday and tuesday – only $84.99 for the full set of 5.

TRANSFORMERS PREMIUM LEADER CLASS:  Optimus and Megatron will be arriving in around a week, we have preorders open at $94.99 for the set:


HOT TOYS SUPERMAN – 2-IN-1:  This cool figure comes with gear for both Superman and Clark Kent, and one body that can wear either outfit.  There is also an alternate head, hands, and feet for each character.  In stock
now at $159.99

BATTLESTAR MINIMATES:   Two cool new 5-packs have just arrived.  The Classic Colonial Warriors and Classic Cylon Empire sets are each priced $4 under MSRP at $15.99 each.

STARGATE SG-1 Wave 4:  The full set of 5 figures including chase figure and Previews exclusive are now available at $61.99 per set.   These figures come with plenty of gear as well as cool desert camo uniforms.

STAR WARS – REAL ACTION HEROES DARTH MAUL:  Another great new figure from Medicom.  Darth Maul comes with his full body hooded cape and is available now for $149.99

PRINCE CASPIAN – NARNIA FIGURES:  The first waves of basic Narnia figures have just arrived as well as the deluxe 2-packs that each include a larger and more complex figure.   Check out the full selection here:

MARVEL LEGENDS VARIANT WAVE:  This exclusive case assortment features the variant versions of Quicksilver, Jean Grey, Yellowjacket, and the regular version of Thor.  We have singles and cases available here:

TONNER HARLEY QUINN:  Tonner's latest 16" figure is now in stock at $129.99 – Check out the full selection of impressive Tonner figures here:

GENTLE GIANT HAN SOLO STATUE:  This classic statue features Han glancing to his right with blaster in hand.   We have it listed at $30 under MSRP at $144.99

HARRY POTTER – NYMPHADORA TONKS:  The latest bust from OOTP is now in stock at $44.99 – take a look here:

TRANSFORMERS GASHAPON FIGURES:  These mini movie figures are $3.49 each and feature a variety of characters from the movie – check them out here:

METAL GEAR SOLID – REAL ACTION HEROES SOLID SNAKE:  From the 4th installment of Metal Gear Solid, this version of Snake is highly detailed and includes a ton of gear – in stock now at $159.99

OMEGA SUPREME STATUE:  Another beauty from the DST Transformer collection, Omega Supreme is in stock now at a whopping $50 off the MSRP at $149.99

TRANSFORMERS EXCLUSIVE BUSTS:  The Battle Damaged Prime and Reformatted Megatron exclusives are now in stock at $59.99 each

GI JOE – COMIC 2-PACKS WAVE 3:  The wave 3 set of 4 is now available at $44.99 for the full set of 4.  Tomax & Xamot, one of the coolest 2-packs around is included in this wave:

METROID PRIME SAMUS STATUE:  This cool statue from First4Figures is in stock now at $102.99 – check it out here:

MANY MANY MORE ITEMS:   We had dozens of pages of new-arrival reports lately, there is just too much to mention here.  Please check the 75 newest arrivals list for items from the past few days, and as always there are hundreds of menus full of items.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take a look at some of the new items mentioned above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew