{mosimage}Him gigantic.  Him angry.  He got underbite that can crush tanks.  Him Grimlock, and him king.  Him also Amin… Anum… Cartoon Character on hit TV show. 

But what we haven't seen of him Grimlock yet has been a colored sample of his toy.  Until now: s250 has stopped by to show us that the ACToys BBS has, once again, brought us glorious wonderful pictures of a fully colored sample Grimlock figure.  His sword is also on fire.  And he's only going to be $20 when he's released?  Utter madness, you say? The Allspark agrees.  We've mirrored the picture here, as many of our users are unable to access the ACToys site. Sadly, he Grimlock without robot mode at the moment. We'll update you when an image surfaces, which shouldn't be long at all.