HenKei! HenKei! Transformers Wave 1 & Wonderfest Arcee Image Galleries Online!

{mosimage}The Allspark photogs are at it again, this time providing you with the an onslaught of images from the very latest releases in Japan.  Among the figures are the Japanese release of Classics, HenKei! HenKei! Transformers, and the ever elusive Wonderfest Exclusive Movie Arcee G1 Color.  Galleries by Powered Convoy and NightViper.

HenKei! HenKei! Transformers

Convoy (Optimus Prime) | Bumble (Bumblebee) | Grimlock

Ligier (Mirage) | Megatron | Starscream

Transformers Movie

Wonderfest Exclusive G1 Arcee