California Barricade Cavalcade

{mosimage} Admit it, if you were driving down the street and saw bad cop Barricade bearing down on you, you'd hit the gas and let out a Sam Witwicky-esque "No no no NO NO!" Well, how about if you saw three? Fortunately, when a friend of a guy from the Film School Rejects site saw three Barricades strapped to a flatbed in Culver City, CA (just southwest of Hollywood), he had the presence of mind to snap a couple of photos instead.

This is similar to how we first saw Barricade way back when astf was being shot, so it could be taken as indication that the sequel is either filming some early scenes now, or about to begin. And if that's the case, the multiple "clones" would definitely imply Barricade will see some action. Awesome action.

Check out the report and photos at Film School Rejects, and discuss in Master Fwiffo's thread.