BigBadToyStore 3/24 Update

Allspark sponsor has just sent out its latest newsletter! The following are the Transformers items that appear on the list:

New Pre-Orders:
Transformers Animated Wave 1

Arriving Soon:
Transformers Encore Emergency Green Ratchet-$149.99
Transformers Movie Premium Series Deluxes and Voyagers

There are also a few new Transformers listings in the Vintage and Clearance sections.  

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Hi – Here is a quick update from about more
exciting new preorders, a new clearance sale, and a variety of new


We've cut prices on 200 older and overstocked items, including a variety
of the 2008 re-release Star Wars figures, Transformers Screen Battles,
Spider-Man, Anime, Mecha, McFarlane, Marvel, Imports & More.  There are
two new sale menus – each filled with a variety of great deals:
List #1
List #2


BBTS EXCLUSIVE – HALO 3 – VIOLET CQB SPARTAN:   We are happy to announce
our first ever McFarlane Exclusive – the Halo 3 Violet CQB Spartan figure.
This exclusive is only available here and is limited to 3,000 pieces. 
The figure is available for $13.99, or if you buy it as part of the Series
3 set – you can get each of the 8 regular figures plus our exclusive for
$93.99 (which is only $10.44 per figure)   Wave 3 images will be listed
later today, and our exclusive should have an image in the next week or

Hasbro's new line of Transformers will be arriving
this June!   The new figures do a great job of capturing the look from the
show (which is running now – 10:30 AM Saturday mornings on Cartoon
Network)   We've just listed the Deluxe:  Prime, Bumblebee, Prowl,
Lockdown;  Voyager:  Megatron, Starscream, Bulkhead; and the DVD Boxed Set
of Prime vs Megatron

ALIEN STATUES:  Sideshow will be importing three very cool statues made by
Fewture, a Japanese company.  The statues include:  Alien Newborn, Alien
Warrior, and the very cool Alien Pile statue.

  McFarlane will be releasing
nonarticulated PVC Statues in the 7"-9" range for Halo.  This set of 3
statues features Master Chief, Brute Chieftan, and Arbiter at $59.99 for
the full set.

  This exclusive statue is
limited to only 480 pieces and has just been listed at $149.99.  The
statue has a variety of battle damaged markings and measures about 11"

  Another extremely detailed high quality
piece from Sideshow.  Thor stands in 1/4 scale format and features a real
cloth outfit and polystone sculpting – up for preorder now at $309.99

ANIME GIRLS:   We've listed a variety of beauties from properties such as:
Ikki Tousen, Satsuriko no Jango, Mahou Shoujo, Demonbane, Black Bible,
Please Teacher, Tandem Twin and more.   The easiest way to view all these
ladies will be to scroll through the list of 75 newest preorders

THE GODFATHER – 12" FIGURE:   McFarlane will be releasing a larger version
of their very popular Godfather figure.   Preorders are now open at $29.99

DEAD OR ALIVE :  Koto brings us another Xtreme Beach Volleyball figure –
Hitomi sits atop an killer whale style inflated beach float.   She comes
with several outfits and is up for preorder at $64.99.

KOTO'S MSG ROBOT ACCESSORIES:   A variety of Chain Bases and also some
Trailer Unit Cars have just been added.  These are great ways to display
mechas in the 1/144 to 1/100 scale.  Take a look at all the inexpensive
add-ons here:

UPPER DECK – PRO SHOTS STATUES:  In addition to the Michael Jordan & Tiger
Woods action figures, U.D. will be releasing 18" statue versions as well.
We have both of the Ultimate Collection statues up for preorder now at
$149.99 each:

SHUNYA YAMASHITA:   Two new Fine Art busts from Koto have just been listed.
The Shii and Angela busts are $44.99 each and can be found here:

MANY MORE PREORDERS:   Many other items have been listed including:  Adult
Swim, Martian Successor Nadesico, Dragonball, Death Note, Star Wars Padme
vs Nexu, Cthulhu, LOTR Classics Busts, Madman, Range Murata, Super Robot
Wars, Simpsons, Futurama and more – check out the most recent items here:

ARRIVING SOON:  These items are in transit and will arrive shortly:

TF ENCORE – EXCLUSIVE GREEN RATCHET:   This limited edition mail-away
exclusive features the reissue Ratchet mold and TF Movie Ratchet color
scheme – arriving in early april at $149.99

STAR WARS 2008:  The Wave 2 Internet Only case features a ton of
army-building figures as well as a few examples of very cool regular
characters.   Preorders are listed at $85.99 and these should be here in a
few days.

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE PREMIUM:   Both the voyager and deluxe class Premium
figures are in transit and should arrive within a week .

STAR WARS TITANIUM WAVE 3:  Yet another cool wave of new Titanium
figures is on the way – check out the set of 6 here:


Our Vintage Department is looking for a variety of vintage items, as well
as collections of sealed retail items:

VINTAGE ITEMS: We are mainly looking for the following lines in fairly
good shape and with most weapons/accessories:  G1 Transformers, 1982 to
1986 GI Joe figures & vehicles, vintage Star Wars figures & vehicles,
Masters of the Universe, G2 Transformers, and basically any packaged
Transformers from Beast Wars on, especially Alternators & Reissues.
Please email:  [email protected] if you have something you'd like
to sell for cash or BBTS Store credit.

RETAIL ITEMS:  We are looking for a wide variety of packaged items from
recent years, or from the 90's and early 00's.   Anything related to
comics, TV, Movies, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Entertainment, or Cartoons generally
works out well.  We buy collections of nearly any size, from 1 small box
of items, to warehouse close-outs, so please email:
[email protected] if you have something you'd like to sell for
cash or BBTS Store credit.


REVOLTECH STARSCREAM & RODIMUS:  The two latest TF's to get the Revoltech
treatment have just arrived.  Each is priced at $24.99 and Kaiyodo has
again done a nice job with the figures.  Check them out here:

METAL GEAR SOLID:  The full set of 5 MGS figures is now in stock for
$84.99.  The distributor of this item has already sold out of several
figures, so once these sets are gone, we likely wont' be able to get
anymore.  Take a look at these nifty figures here:

IRON MAN MOVIE FIGURES:  The first wave of new figures & toys has just
arrived.  Sets of 5 figures are in stock now at $59.99 and we also have
some individual figure listings.   Hasbro has done a nice job with this
line, take a look at the full selection here:

NINTENDO ACTION FIGURES:  Master Replicas recently started distributing a
variety of cool Nintendo figures and collectibles.  The first arrivals are
2" to 4" pvc figures and mini figures with collector tins:

THE DARK CRYSTAL:  Mindstyle has just released two awesome new statues,
the Landstrider and uRac are each highly detailed, and they come packaged
in a truly impressive collector's box.  They are both quite limited so be
sure not to miss out on them:

REVOLTECH:  The new Black Ox and J-9 Griffon Aqua Unit are now both in
stock at $19.99 each.
= Black Ox
= J-9 Griffon

MORE NEW ARRIVALS:  There are a variety of other items that have just
arrived – take a look at the full list here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take a
look through our sale menus.

Joel & The BBTS Crew