Battle-Damaged Arcee Out In Stores Kinda Maybe

{mosimage}A poster at TFW2005 reports finding the "exclusive" Battle-Damaged astf Deluxe-class Arcee at a Wal-Mart store in California, and has pictures to prove it. The toy was originally released as part of a Sam's Club-exclusive box set, and we've known for a while now that it was due for an individual release of some kind. Samples have turned up on eBay, and BigBadToyStore has the toy in stock.

The strange part is that we haven't yet heard what kind of "exclusive" the toy is, and the only part of the packaging that we knew differed from the standard card–the yellow "EXCLUSIVE! BATTLE-DAMAGE!" sticker seen on eBay and BBTS–wasn't present on the one found in Wal-Mart. It was reportedly just mixed in with "normal" Arcees on pegs, with the only apparent differences being the paint job and a UPC code that didn't ring up in the Wal-Mart register.

Check out the full report and photos over at TFW2005. Hopefully another sighting will pop up soon to shed a little light on this mysterious figure…