Animated Wave 1 Case Assortment, DVD Details

{mosimage}Entertainment Earth has updated their preorders list with case assortment details for the first wave of Transformers Animated figures. Deluxes will be evenly packed, with two each of Prowl, Bumblebee, Lockdown, and Prime. Voyager Wave 1 cases include two Bulkheads, one Starscream and one Megatron, and a later revision swaps an extra Starscream for the extra Bulkhead but keeps Megatron shortpacked. Well, he's had a rough time in the first part of the show so far as well… chances are he'll find a way to rise again. Thanks to TFW2005 for the links.

Additionally, Seibertron has images and details of the contents of the DVD that will be included in the Prime vs. Megatron "Battle Begins" set. The disc includes the first episode of the three-part "Transform and Roll Out" pilot (the full movie will be released as a separate retail DVD), along with a gallery of the first wave of toys. Check out the packaging photos and screenshots at