Allspark Interactive – A Call for Writers!

{mosimage}When you've been in the Transformers fandom for a while, chances are you have some stories of your own in your head – whether those are stories that fit neatly in between the pages or in the commercial breaks of canon, or stories populated by original characters or set in alternate universes where canon is all but out the window.  And for those who have stories, the Allspark has a place to share them: Chronicles of Cybertron, the fanfiction forum.

If it's family-friendly in accordance with the Allspark Forums' content policies, it's welcome here… and from now through the end of March, if it's a story of the Transformers experiencing culture shock on Earth, it's especially welcome in the monthly fanfic challenge.

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March Fic Challenge: "Culture Shock" 

With a few exceptions, for good or ill, it seems that Transformers just wouldn't be Transformers without Earth. Bringing them here lets you really underscore that these are giant alien robots… and, of course, allows for the introduction of those oh-so-cute-and-relatable humans.

And in all those Earth-bound continuities, again with few exceptions, the title characters – from the movie mechs making a meteoric arrival to the G1 crew waking up to a volcanic alarm clock, from the Beast Warriors arriving in the time of early anthropoids to the Animated bots showing up in Future Detroit – all tend to have one common thread in their first reaction to Earth itself, its properties or its people.

"This place is freakin' weird."

One can only imagine what a Cybertronian on Earth must experience af first. Everything is different – the life forms, the atmosphere, the landscape, the scale of the buildings (or the absence of buildings), the structure of authority, sometimes even the place in the time stream. There's bound to be confusion, disorientation, a faux pas or two… and therein lies your challenge for March!

Between now and the end of the month, tell us a story of culture shock. What's it like for your favorite Cybertronians first arriving on Earth? How do they get along with the humans (or prehistoric Earth's proto-humans, or Future Detroit's population of humans and robots)? Just how confused are they, and just how much slapstick comedy or unmitigated disaster ensues?