Wonderfest News and Images!

{mosimage} Thanks to Allspark members Betty Nor and Drifter, we now have some information and images from Wonderfest held this weekend in Japan! Takara Tomy had on display the Trans-scanning astf figures, Transformers Henkei, Encore Meister (Jazz) and the G1 style Music Convoy. Also popping up at the convention were Shockwave and armored Ultra Magnus Revoltech figures! However they were fan kits made by converting Megatron and unarmored Ultra Magnus. Interestingly enough, while they were fan made kits, they were still made under a Takara Tomy license. Finally, the Roadbuster mold will be seeing a re-issue in the form of a model kit! Although it will not be made by Takara Tomy, so it looks like the final production colors will not match the colors the mold sported in G1.

Click here to check out images and see everything that Betty Nor and Drifter have to say about the convention!