UPDATE: Botcon 2008 Primus Packages Sold Out – Freebie Figure Unveiled!

{mosimage}There have been rumors of the Botcon 2008 Exclusive Shattered Glass 6 Figure Set being sold out for days now, but Fun Publications has officially stated that said sets are now sold out.  In lieu of the 2008 Boxed set selling out, Fun Publications is offering the 2005 Descent into Evil Box Set in it's place at a discounted price.  They are also introducing a new package designed specifically for 2008, the Energon Package, giving non-Primus Package holders the option to attend all the events the Primus Package holders can. 

Last but certainly not least, Fun Publications is unveiling the Botcon 2008 Attendee Freebie figure this Friday.  This will be the first time they've revealed the attendee freebie figure before the convention.

You can discuss the news in The Walky's thread and read the full press release at Botcon.com.

UPDATE: The freebie is none other than Ricochet, a redeco of the Jazz toy from this year's set.  You can join in the discussion here!