UK Toyfair Report: 3 Bulkheads, Animated Leader Megatron and Marvel Transformers!

{mosimage} Our friend Moonbug has stopped by to share a report from Transformers at the Moon on the Transformers display at the UK Toyfair that was held last week! Transformers Animated, astf, Robot Heroes and Universe were all on display, as well as the new Marvel Transformers line! Unfortunately there are no images, but there are descriptions from each line.

A few items of interest from the report:

  • There were three Animated Bulkheads on display: Deluxe, Voyager and Leader. There were also three Optimuses, one from from each of those classes.
  • Animated Megatron Earth mode was on display. This helicopter version of Megatron will be roughly Leader size!
  • Animated Jazz was also there, and in near G1 colors!
  • The Fast Action Battlers line will continue in Animated, but under a different name.
  • Venom, Hulk and Iron Man were on display for the Marvel Transformers line. Venom turns into a Jeep, Hulk a tank and Iron Man a jet, and they are comparable in size to Star Wars Transformers.

You can see the full text report here, and discuss it here in Moonbug's thread!

*UPDATE!* Some more information from the UK Toy Fair has been posted! This information comes from the Hasbro Buyers' Catalog:

1. Transformers Animated 'Bumpber-bots' is the name of the new Cyber-slammer type line.
2. Animated 'Activators' are scout-sized versions of characters which feature spring loaded transformations.
3. There will also be a Cyber Slammers version of Animated Bumblebee.
4. Universe Legends were listed
5. A supreme-scale 'Roll Out' Optimus Prime that has a moving mouth with sounds from the cartoon!"

You can see the original report here!