Transformers Boosts Hasbro Profits, Inspires Other Toy Companies

{mosimage}Two new financial articles bring to light the continuing impact of the Transformers brand and movie on both Hasbro and its competitors.

First, Bloomberg name-checks Transformers as one of the driving forces behind Hasbro's high fourth-quarter profits. Apparently sales of Transformers toys specifically–along with other movie-related properties–exceeded analysts' expectations at the end of last year, raising overall profits beyond their predictions. 

Additionally, the profits from the toys as well as the more direct revenue from astf have apparently inspired other toy companies to try to follow Hasbro's lead.  Brandweek reports that Mattel has signed a deal with the all-powerful talent agency CAA to develop some of their properties into big-budget and big-profit feature films. What will follow Transformers into the fray? See & Say? Magic 8-Ball? "In summer 2010, the world will be shouting UNO!" The floodgates have opened.

Read the full articles on the Bloomberg and Brandweek sites.