Transformers 2: “Geriatric Robot,” More From Bay

{mosimage} It slipped under our radar, but last Friday Variety's Anne Thompson posted some tidbits from a Visual Effects-related Q&A with Michael Bay and the team behind astf. First, some clarification of that Rotten Tomatoes quote we posted yesterday: "I like to write myself. So I wrote 60 pages. I showed the writers something to look at." Will Transformers 2 score Michael Bay his first screenplay co-writing credit? Or will he get in hot water with the WGA for doing a writer's job during the strike? Time will tell.

Additionally, Bay promises that TF2 will feature more humor and deeper robot characters, including a "geriatric robot." A new character, or might Transformers 2 be reserved for Movie Kup? 

Read more in the Thompson on Hollywood blog. Credit goes to for originally finding the link.