The Allspark’s Toy Fair 2008 Coverage

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FIRST UPDATE: New classics figures have been revealed!  Padding out the line's new molds, we now have redeco figures: Blaster (Cybertron Soundwave redeco) and Heavy Duty (Cybertron Quickmix redeco), courtesy of Wizard Universe.  Each will come with a Mini-Con partner.  These are the first time full color images of the new Classics/Universe have been made available to the public!  UPDATE: We now have images of Heavy Duty's and Blaster's Mini-Con partners here.

SECOND UPDATE: We've received word from our man at Toyfair, Matt Greenbaum, that Universe Galvatron will be a deluxe-sized tank, in G1-inspired colors, so purple and an orange cannon.  The figure will manage to be grey in vehicle mode but purple in robot mode.  More info as it develops. No pictures yet.

4:30PM EST UPDATE: The Hasbro display is open! Matt reports that a new Deluxe Decepticon named "Oil Slick" is present, a motorcycle with a skull motif. TFW2005 has some quickie cameraphone photos of Galvatron. Their site's under a heavy load, so we've mirrored in our discussion thread. 

5:00PM EST:  Leader-class Bulkhead comes with a Headmaster toy, who can be made to "enslave" any other Leader toy with a cry of "Ownage! Total ownage!"

5:50PM EST: Apparently Hasbro and Takaratomy have been considering several candidates for the next Masterpiece. Among the possibilities are Hot Rod, Grimlock, and Soundwave. They're also wondering about combiners for the upcoming 25th anniversary.

*7:20PM EST:* We're adding some videos of various Animated gimmickry to the discussion thread. Even better, ASM has just uploaded their massive gallery and report from the show! Check 'em out!