Strike Over, Transformers 2 Back On Track

{mosimage}The Writers Guild of America has announced that its members have voted to end the three-month-old labor strike, and on Wednesday, all Guild members will be expected to report back to work. Naturally, this is good news for film and television projects that have been on hold since November 5, including the sequel to astf. Last we heard, the screenplay wasn't completed before the strike deadline, despite the cajoling of Steven Spielberg.

Of course, to hear Michael Bay tell it, the lack of professional people who make talk good hasn't harmed the production at all. In fact, he's quoted on as saying that while the writers were on strike, he stepped in and continued writing Transformers 2 himself. It's unclear as to whether he means he worked on the screenplay or simply an outline, but either way, he definitely wants to do whatever it takes to make that summer 2009 date.

Axaday has a general thread on the end of the strike here, and  Bleargh001 pointed out the Rotten Tomatoes link in this thread.