New Binaltech BT-19 & BT-20 Smokescreen and Meister?!

{mosimage}In a bit of unexpected news it appears the Binaltech line will continue – with at least two upcoming releases.  The website Toysdaily recently uploaded an image for what looks to be new releases of Binaltech Smokescreen and Meister.  Smokescreen looks to be sporting Binaltech Streak's (Silverstreak) Impreza body (rather than the one used for the original Smokescreen) in a metallic blue paint but retains the (what looks to be) the original Smokescreen head.  Meister is now sporting a metallic paint job meant to resemble the 2007 Movie character's finish as well as the Mazda Speed parts used on Laserwave (Shockblast).

Thanks to TFW2005 for the news, you can view the image and discuss the news here.

*Edit* According to our Own Buster Darkwings, the katakanna reads "Bluestreak" and not Smokescreen. This means that it may be a new character, as the G1 toy was called "Streak" in Japan. 

*Edit 2* On closer inspection the head may be in fact the one originally used on Streak (Silverstreak) further solidifying the Bluestreak name.

*Edit 3* One of our sponsors BigBadToyStore has provided larger pictures of the two figures here and here – confirming that Bluestreak is a straight recolor of Streak and not a combination of figures like Meister is.