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Joel has sent out a new BigBadToyStore newsletter, with a bunch of new toys that you can buy with money! Transformers items are below, and the rest is available after the "Read More" link…




Hi – Here is a quick update from about many exciting new arrivals and more cool preorders.


TRANSFORMERS ENCORE – SKY LYNX:  Sky Lynx just arrived hours ago and Takara has done a great job.  The packaging is large and extremely similar to the original G1 version.  Sky Lynx himself is in pristine factory mint condition and ready to join other Autobots on your shelf.   These are in stock now at only $89.99 – take a look here:

STAR WARS 2008 FIGURES:  The truck bringing these has just arrived, so these will still be listed as preorders on our website until early this evening when everything is checked in and begins processing.   We have sets, singles, and cases in stock now.  There are a variety of new figures, troop builders, and favorites included in these waves – take a look here – all orders placed now will start shipping tomorrow.

BATMAN BEGINS – COOL GIRL – GENX CORE:  The ultimate 1/6 scale version of Batman is now in stock at $179.99.  Takara has done a great job with this figure, there are a variety of accessories, removeable gear, and tons of detail.  The vast majority of our stock was pre-purchased, so don't miss out on what is left:

MCFARLANE'S HALO 3 FIGURES:  Awesome new figures and mini-vehicles have just arrived.  We have a small number of sets of 8 figures & cases of 12 left in stock, and a variety of single figures are also available.  The very cool vehicle sets are in stock a bit further down the page at $23.99 for the full set of 3:

GROIZER X – MANGA COLORS:  This Japanese market exclusive is limited to only 1000 pieces and is in stock now at $164.99.  We also have the original Groizer available at $144.99

GENTLE GIANT – SPIRIT OF OBI-WAN BUST:  Another cool exclusive bust has arrived, this one priced at $54.99 is limited to 2000 pieces

MORE NEW ARRIVALS:  Check out the list of 75 most recent arrivals to see everything that has just arrived in the past few days:


ALIEN VS PREDATOR REQUIEM – SERIES 2:  Neca has just shipped a load of the new Masked and Unmasked Predator figures.  The sets are priced at $28.99 and should be here next week!

GI JOE – COMIC 2-PACKS WAVE 3:  A large portion of our Wave 3 order is on the way, preorders are available for singles, sets and cases of the next cool round of 2-packs:

TRANSFORMERS BUSTS:  The exclusive Megatron and Optimus Prime busts from Diamond have just shipped to us and will be here within a week – $59.99 each on these new items:

SIDESHOW & HOT TOYS:  A record sized load of items from Sideshow is arriving next week – items include:
12-inch RAH Venom on Punisher,  12-inch Solid Snake MGS 4, 12-inch RAH Darth Maul, Duel with Dooku Diorama,  12-inch Deunan – Appleseed, 14” Briaeros-Appleseed,  AVP 16” Alien Warrior, Oversized Vader VCD, Aliens 3 Diorama, 12-inch Darth Sidious/Palpatine.  Most of these are on their way to selling out, so be sure to reserve yours now.


TRANSFORMERS – BINALTECH RETURNS!!   Just confirmed moments ago, Takara will revive the Binaltech line with the BT-19 Bluestreak and BT-20 Jazz / Meister release.  While both of these use body existing molds, they each now have the appropriate head molds.  We are going to assume these are primarily made of plastic and will not have die-cast parts, but that has not yet been confirmed.   Each piece is up for preorder at the standard $54.99 per piece rate, and lets hope this is only the beginning for more new Binaltechs!

NEW ROADBOTS – TRANSFORMING ROBOTS:  We brought in a shipment of Roadbots over a year ago and everyone we heard from was quite happy with the quality and craftsmanship of these cool transforming robot toys. Happywell, the manufacturer of Roadbots has expanded the line and we'll be receiving 9 additional new figures as well as restocking sold out items. The new figures include two larger motorcycle figures including a 1:8 Harley Davidson, and a 1:10 Kawasaki Ninja.    They have also introduced a 1:24 Scale (the same as Alternators & Binaltech) and the first releases in that scale are a Jaguar & Land Rover.  A new Corvette C6R and a variety of 1:32 scale figures are also available:

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA – PRINCE CASPIAN:  We've just listed the full selection of 3.75" and 7" figures as well as some playsets and 2-packs. This series is nicely sculpted and there are a fairly impressive range of figures.  Full sets of figures as well as some singles are available here:

MICHAEL JORDAN & TIGER WOODS – PRO SHOTS:  Upper deck brings us a new line of figures based on top athletes.  We currently have only prototype images listed, but the figures look nicely sculpted and feature each athlete in historic poses.  Sets of figures are each priced at $28.99


–13" DELUXE GREEN LANTERN & ALTERNATE HEADS:  Pick up 4 of these figures and you can use one of each of the four heads with the four bodies to create the Green Lantern Corps.  Each figure is priced at $84.99 and each includes all 4 heads, but just one body – a very cool set:

–SUPERMAN CAPE & BELT REPLICA:  More cool stuff from the DC Trophy Room series.  This full size Superman Cape & Belt is up for preorder well below the MSRP at $239.99

–THE JOKER 1/2 BUST:  This cool new bust stands nearly 14" tall and features the Joker in an especially menacing sneer.  Preorders have been listed at $55 under MSRP at $239.99

–SECRET FILES 3 – BATMAN'S ROGUE GALLERY 2:  Set of 4 is priced at $49.99


–HUNTRESS BUST:  Another Beautiful lady of the DC Universe – $46.99

INDIANA JONES – RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK – ARTFX STATUE:  Koto brings us a very cool statue/diorama of Indy as he escapes from the amazingly round boulder that chases him in the early scenes.  This cool statue is listed at $15 under MSRP at $104.99

NEW 'FIGMA' FIGURES:  A new line of very articulated licensed figures, similar to Revoltech has just launched.  The Figma line's first two  releases include Haruhi Suzumiya from Melancholy, and Saber from Fate Stay Night.  These figures are listed at $27.99 and $30.99 respectively, and it looks like the start of another great series!

YAMATO'S BUBBLEGUM CRISIS – MOTOSLAVE:  The very cool and fully transformable Motoslave with Priss figure is now up for preorder at $68.99.  The bike not only transforms, but it also further morphs into a suit of armor – all transforming robot fans should take a look at this one:

TRANSFORMING TOYS – X-BOTS & GALAXY DEFENDER:  From Happywell, the makers of Roadbots, we are going to be importing a small number of items from their two other in-house lines.   The X-Bots are triple changing bots that are fairly large and quite inexpensive, only $12.99 to $17.99 – four different figures have been listed:
The Galaxy Defender line features a variety of large scale transforming and in some cases combining figures – take a look at them all here:

TRANSFORMERS – WONDERFEST G1 ARCEE:  We are only able to get a very small amount of the Wonderfest G1 Arcee – which was limted to around 500 pieces.  We had to pay our supplier handsomely to get these, so the preorder price is rather high at $124.99, but its also one of the more limited releases out there other than lucky-draw items.

HARRY POTTER RESIN DIORAMAS:  NECA brings us 4 new small-scale statues featuring main characters from the Potter books.   Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Snape are each up for preorder at $29.99

STAR WARS CHUBBY NESTING DOLLS:  Another round of Chubby figures is now up for preorder at $11.99 each.  Choose from:  Stormtrooper, Ewoks, Jango, Luke, Pilots, and Princess Leia.

SHUNYA YAMASHITA:  A variety of new Yamashita items has just been listed including:  Creator's Labo #14 – Arisa – Another Color (the first color sold out quickly), and two new Fine Art Busts – Noel and Karin.

KOTOBUKIYA TIE FIGHTER PILOT:  Another cool vinyl kit from Koto, this one is up for preorder at $84.99 and stands nearly 12" tall

MANY MORE PREORDERS:   Many other items have also just been listed on the site – take a look at the '75 Latest Preorders' list here to view them all:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many great new preorders and arrivals listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew


New BigBadToyStore Newsletter

Right on schedule, Joel has sent out a new BigBadToyStore newsletter. We've broken out the Transformers items below, but the full newsletter is cleverly hidden behind the "Read More" link.