Information From Hasbro Toy Fair Press Releases

{mosimage} With Toy Fair starting up this weekend, the toy company press releases have been coming out Fast and furious! Of course, Hasbro is no exception! It's sent out various press releases with quite a bit of information about Transformers this year! Here's a little wrap-up:

  • Animated Ultra Magnus will be represented as a figure and is slotted for the Leader Class.
  • Roll Out Command Optimus Prime will bring the Supreme size class back from the shadows.
  • Shift Tech Optimus Prime Game will bring to the table 15 games and character information from the new Animated show.
  • Power Bots Cyber Speed Bumblebee seems to be a continuation of the Cyber Stompers from the movie line.
  • Battle Blaster: Optimus Prime will bring back the transforming blasters that turn into the character's vehicle modes.
  • There will be 18 Star Wars Transformers released in 2008, although that number may contain re-releases.

So there you have it! To see the press releases click here, here and here.  You can discuss them here or here. Thanks to TFW2005,   SirStevesGuide, M Sipher and Octavius Prime for the links and information!