Cybertron Leaders, Primus On Sale At

{mosimage} Still looking for Cybertron Leaders? How about Primus? For those that missed these figures on store shelves, has a sale for you! For $27.99 you can get Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime with Bonus Scout or Metroplex With Bonus Scout. And for $29.99, you can pick up the Transformers' god himself, Primus, with Bonus Minicons! What's even better is that there is free shipping on all three of these Goliaths!

Also, the re-release of the Heroes of Cybertron PVC figures are now down to $2.99!

Click here for Optimus, here for Metroplex and here for Primus. Click here for the Heroes of Cybertron figures. thanks to Big Show for pointing this sale out in this thread.