Allspark Gallery Update 2-22-08

Our latest gallery update has a whopping 26 galleries, covering BWII, the latest American and Japanese Transformers Movie figures and the as yet unreleased Wal-Mart Exclusive Big Daddy. Check out this massive update courtesy of Night Viper, Onyx Minor and Powered Convoy!

Transformers Movie figures:

Wal-Mart Exclusive Big Daddy

Nightwatch Prime | Offroad IronhideBlackout 

Japanese Exclusive Lawson's Blackout |  Evac

CliffjumperBattle Damaged Bumbleebee

Deep Desert Brawl | Stockade | Incinerator

OvercastJungle Bonecrusher 

Movie Real Gear:

Photon 34Highline 1070 | Hacker X-3

Movie Target Exclusives:

CrosshairsWarpath | Stormsurge

Screen Battles :

First EncounterDesert Attack | Capture of Bumblebee 

Beast Wars II:

AutocrusherAutojetter | Autolauncher | Autostinger


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