Allspark Battles Wave 3, FAB Wave 6 Out At US Retail

{mosimage} A TFW2005 member is reporting that he's found the third wave of astf Allspark Battles Legends 2-packs and the sixth wave of Fast Action Battlers at various Walmarts and Targets in California. For those that need a refresher, the Legends are Bumblebee vs Scorponok and Battle Jazz vs Ice Megatron, while the FABs are Rescue Torch Ratchet, Desert Blast Brawl, Night Attack Megatron, and Rally Rocket Bumblebee.

You can see the Legends report here and the FAB report here. Then discuss them in Nevermore's thread here, or report your own sightings here for Legends and here for FABs! 


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