New Transformers Animated Toys On CNN

{mosimage} In the "Least Likely Sources" department, CNN Money has provided a maddeningly brief and frustratingly small peek at some new Transformers Animated toys. In a new video on, a correspondent visits the "Hasbro Showroom" to check out their new toys for 2008. While the Hasbro official demonstrates the astf Ratchet and Bumblebee blasters, they completely ignore the Animated toys on the table, which are the ones that really look new–a Bulkhead with a strange purple helmet,a potentially Earth-mode Megatron, and a giant earth-mode Optimus Prime with massive axe. Jumps in their placement on the table during the edited clips indicate Hasbro DID show them off, but sadly, the bloodthirsty media only wants to sensationalize the violent toys. Or something.

Check out the video on Thanks to TFW2005 for somehow finding this one. Discuss in Thylacine2000's thread.