Encore Jazz To Come With Resculpted Face, “Buddy”

{mosimage} Japanese vendor site eHobby has updated their listing for Transformers Encore Jazz with some new information. Apparently the reissue will be given a new head sculpt! You may remember that the original Jazz reissue's face was deformed due to mold degradation, however that was corrected for the Stepper reissue. So perhaps this will simply be the Stepper resculpt given to Jazz.

Also, the listing says that the Encore release will come with Condor (Laserbeak in the US and elsewhere). Looks like Jazz's love for music knows no faction!

You can see the eHobby listing here!  

*UPDATE* It appears eHobby has removed the listing for Condor on their Meister preorder page, confirming that it was a mistake and most likely due to eHobby recycling the page from their TF Encore Soundwave page.